Team Cap
BadFlix Episode #102: I Am Iron Man. Recorded on 4-28-2016   Another week means another episode of BadFlix. Jonboy does bring us some interesting news about the small screen, including Stalone’s return to it. As well as some news about NatGeo. Chad brings us some Star Wars rumors, and the fact that […]

BadFlix Episode #102: I am Iron Man

BadFlix Episode #101: Don’t Fear the Reaper. Recorded on 4-21-2016 Well it’s a sad day folks. We lost an amazing musician and tender lover. We have some news and stuff for you all, but for some reason it just doesn’t feel as important as normal. Chad has our picks for […]

BadFlix, Episode #101: Don’t Fear the Reaper

One Hunnit
BadFlix Episode #100: Keep It One Hunnit. Recorded on 4-15-2016   Oh wow every one. We made it to the 100th episode. We are just as surprised as you are that we made it. So in celebration we brought back an old school BadFlix cast member. Josh, one of the creators […]

BadFlix Episode #100: Keep It One Hunnit

But Chad Aint One
BadFlix Episode# 99: 99 Problems. Recorded on 4-7-2016   It’s time for another episode of every one’s favorite podcast. That’s right, it’s time for another episode of BadFlix. This week we have no Chad and Sexy Adam is worn the hell out from ECCC. Never the less, the guys carry on […]

BadFlix Episode #99: 99 Problems

Fear the Punisher
BadFlix Episode #98: The Boys are Back in Town. Recorded on 3-31-2016 For the first time in almost a month, all 4 guys are back in the studio. The news is a little slow this week, but that’s ok. Sexy Adam gives a long review of Batman V Superman. The same can […]

Episode #98: The Boys are Back in Town

With Adam off watching Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the rest of the crew carry on. Chad, Jon, and Garrett bring you the best in movies, tv, and tangents.

BadFlix Episode #97: Three’s Company

BadFlix Episode #96: Just the Two of Us. Recorded on 3-17-2016 Well it’s a skeleton crew in the studio this week. We have no JonBoy and no Chad this week. So it’s just the Garrett and Adam show. Of course we always have Producer Adam in the studio as well. Adam reviews […]

BadFlix Episode #96: Just The Two of Us

This week we are down Adam and Garret, but we have James and Rachel joining us in studio to make up for it. This week’s homework was the movie Waiting (2005). Then we go over all the important movie and tv news, with a few tangents and a bit of […]

BadFlix Episode #95: Still Waiting

Sunshine and Rainbows :)
BadFlix Episode #94: Somewhere over the Rainbow. Recorded on 3-3-2016 Another week and another podcast. That’s right it’s time for this week’s episode. WOO HOO and stuffs. This week the guys review a couple of odd ball Horror movies. Well some of them do at least. A couple of the guys didn’t […]

BadFlix Episode #94: Somewhere over the Rainbow

BadFlix Episode #93: I am the Walrus. Recorded on 2-25-2016   Well hello there everybody! Welcome back to whatever this is. This week’s episode is kind of animal themed. First we review Tusk. A few of the guys really enjoyed the movie. Every one else? Well they absolutely hated it. To each […]

BadFlix Episode #93: I am the Walrus

Hockey Stuffs
BadFlix Episode #92: With or Without you. Recorded on 2-18-16 Welcome one and all to possibly the best podcast ever! That’s right, it’s Mother F*****G BadFlix! This week we are a man down, because Jon thinks sleep is more important than podcasting. Shame on him. Adam fills in on TV […]

BadFlix Episode #92: With or Without you

Coolest movie poster I've seen in a while
BadFlix Episode #91: How Much is That Doggie in the (Rear) Window. Recorded on 2-11-2016. Welcome back to another fantastic episode of BadFlix!!!!!! This week the guys review a Hitchcock classic Rear Window. It was good at the time, and the guys appreciate what Hitchcock did for films, but it doesn’t really hold […]

BadFlix Episode #91: How Much is That Doggie in the ...

It's quite the fun little show.
BadFLix Episode #90: Call Me Maybe. Recorded on 2-4-2016   Hey there loyal listeners! This week on the show we announce the winner to our first give away. Should be exciting. We Review Maron. Which is a fun little show about Marc Maron and his podcast. Quite funny. Chad and Jonboy do what […]

BadFlix Episode #90: Call Me Maybe

Best Ship
BadFlix Episode #89: The Ballad of Serenity.  Recorded on 1-28-2016   Welcome, Welcome to this weeks episode! For starters we review Serenity, which is, of course, the wrap up film to one of the best T.V. shows ever produced. If you don’t know what I am talking about then you need to […]

BadFlix Episode #89: The Ballad of Serenity

Save Me Baby Jesus
BadFlix Episode #88: Jesus Loves the Little Children. Recorded on 1-21-2016 Hey there Little ones! Come gather round the noise maker and listen to four dudes make wiener jokes, AND talk about Jesus. This week the guys review “Jesus Camp” which is a documentary about a christian summer camp down in the […]

BadFlix Episode #88: Jesus Loves the Little Children