This week Josh and Tyler from ComixBrew join us once again for another hilarious episode of BadFlix! So join us as we go over all the best news in TV and movies and celebrate Josh’s birthday! A Lazy Knights production.

BadFlix Ep #122: Daisy Duke

Join us for this extra funny episode this week with Josh and Tyler, from ComixBrew, guest hosting. This week in the news we talk a little MTV bringing the music back, Star Trek, Ben-Hur, Luke Cage, and more! A Lazy Knights production.

BadFlix Ep #121: Bad-Brew #McChicken

Welcome back to another great episode of BadFlix. A little light this week on news and on hosts, with only Jon in studio and Chad on Skype, but the show must go on! A Lazy Knights production.

BadFlix Ep #120: Moving Day

Josh, from ComixBrew, joins us this week to bring you guys the best in movie and tv news. Jon brings us some news about the Flash, NetFlix, and a nice Hillary and Trump tangent! Chad joins us via Skype once again, with some news about Guardians of the Galaxy 2 […]

BadFlix Ep #119: Phoning it in

It’s time for another great episode of BadFlix! Chad couldn’t join us in studio tonight so he is call us via Skype. A Lazy Knights production.

BadFlix Ep #118: Lost Boys

We’re back with Jon, Chad, and Garrett this week, and they have special guest, Josh from Comixbrew. This week will be Garrett’s first week running the boards so cut him a little slack. Horror trailers dropped this week that chad thinks everyone should check out. Some exciting Marvel news coming […]

BadFlix Ep #117: It’s a MARVEL-ous Life!

This week Chad, Garrett, and Jon bring you the best in movie and tv news. Some Star Wars news with LucasFilms and ABC in talks and we discuss some of the reviews of the Suicide Squad. And as always the guys go off on the kind of tangents that you […]

BadFlix Episode #116: Squad Days of Summer

Chad couldn’t join us tonight, but the show must go on. Josh, from ComixBrew, joins us this evening for another exciting episode of BadFlix!

BadFlix Episode #115: Shweddy Boiz

American Gods
BadFlix Episode #114: Deceiver of Gods. Recorded on 7-21-2016 Come join Chad, Garrett, and JonBoy for this weeks episode. There’s a lot of rad stuff that is discussed on this weeks episode. Which should help distract you from the rather grim couple of weeks we have all been going through. […]

BadFlix Episode #114: Deceiver of Gods

Read this upside down. DO IT!
BadFlix Episode #113: Bad Company. Recorded on 7-14-2016     There is a random Josh on the show this week. Which is good, because he loves bringing ALL the content. So it should be a good show this week. As always, Jon, Chad, and Garrett bring you the normal shit […]

BadFlix Episode #113: Bad Company

BadFlix Episode #112:¬†Winter is Cumming. Recorded on 7-7-2016   Another episode of BadFlix is here. Jon, Chad, and Garrett are ready to bring you this weeks world of entertainment news. They cover everything from GoT being postponed, to season 2 of Ash vs The Evil Dead. Chad also updates us […]

BadFlix Episode #112: Winter is Cumming

BadFlix Episode #111: Hello, Goodbye. Recorded on 6-30-2016 Another Thursday has arrived, and with it, another episode of BadFlix. This week Sexy Adam has an announcement about things coming in the near future. Other than that though, it’s business as usual. JonBoy brings the tv news we all want. Even […]

BadFlix Episode #111: Hello, Goodbye

No one makes it out alive
BadFlix Episode# 110: Symphony of Destruction. Recorded on 6/23/2016   Another week has passed, so we gather again to mock and discuss the world of tinsel town. We finally have a full crew in the studio for the first time in a month. Adam hasn’t talked about death in a […]

BadFlix Episode #110: Symphony of Destruction

3 toed demon
BadFlix Episode #109: Let’s Ride   Well it’s that time again. No, not that time of the month, but that time of the week for another episode! This week there is no Chad in the studio, which makes a month of missing one person or another each episode. So Adam […]

BadFlix Episode #109: Let’s Ride