This week the guys say goodbye, as this will be our last weekly LIVE show. But don’t worry BadFlix will soon return in an exciting new format. The movie homework this week is Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back! Music: A Lazy Knights production.

BadFlix Ep #158: The Empire Takes a Break

Welcome back to another very special episode of BadFlix! This week the gang reviews The Rundown. After that we discuss Star Wars: The Last Jedi, The Grinch, Donald Trump and Stephen Colbert, Ellen Degeneres coming to Netflix, the new Venom movie, and much more! LIVE Every Thursday @ 7 PM […]

BadFlix Ep #157: Downs Cast

It’s time for another BadFlix! This week the guys had to watch 2001: A Space Odyssey. After we give our review of that classic, we hop right into the news. Roseanne is making a comeback, a few interesting new movies coming out, we get a view of Amber Heard as […]

BadFlix Ep #156: 2001: A Podcast

This week’s homework was for Garrett, and the rest of the crew, to watch Guardians of the Galaxy! After our discussion of that great movie we get into the news with American Gods getting a second season, Twitch streaming Mister Rogers marathon, an R-rated Deadpool TV series, a new Sci-Fi […]

BadFlix Ep #155: Star-Lord’s Mother’s Day

This week, on BadFlix, we watched another real gem of a movie, Stranded (2013) with Christian Slater. After the guys give their reviews of that wonderful movie we hop into the news with the Kingsman 2 trailer, Jeff Goldblum join the cast of the next Jurassic World movie, Star War […]

BadFlix Ep #154: Sporecast

This week the guys had to watch Kung Pow: Enter the Fist. After that we get into the news with Alien return to the theaters, Spider-Man confirmed for Avengers 4, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will be the last one, and much more! LIVE Every Thursday @ 7 PM […]

BadFlix Ep #153: Kung Paocast

BadFlix Episode #152: Moonlight Podcast. Recorded on 4-13-2017 BadFlix is back with another wonderful episode. This week the guys review “Moonrise Kingdom” a Wes Anderson film. There is also some box office news this week. A couple of movies are killing it around the world. There is also some casting […]

BadFlix Episode #152: Moonlight Podcast

BadFlix Episode #151: Podcast 43. Recorded on 4-6-2017 This week we have a special guest on the show. Since his movie was picked as this weeks required watching, No Show Mike joins us. The movie we all watched was “Movie 43” and it was an odd one to say the […]

BadFlix Episode #151: Podcast 43

BadFlix Episode #150: I’m your Huckleberry. Recorded on 3-30-2017. BadFlix is back to  help you get through the rest of the work week. There’s a lot of fun stuff talked about on this episode. But of course, the guys have to review their movie homework first. This week’s homework was […]

BadFlix Episode #150: I’m your Huckleberry

BadFlix Episode #149: All Saints Cast. recorded on 3-23-2017. Hey there loyal listeners! Are you ready for another episode of BadFlix? Hell yes you are! This week there is a TON of stuff to talk about. Everything from Netflix, on multiple points, too Space Jam. Of course the episode starts […]

BadFlix Episode #149: All Saints Cast

This week the gang went to watch Kong: Skull Island, and we give our review of it. Then we hop into movie and tv news with Batman being rewritten again, Guardians of the Galaxy 3 confirmed, Disney refuses to cut gay scene from Beauty and the Beast, a Spider-Man Venom […]

BadFlix Ep #148: Kong: Skull Podcast

Here comes another Thursday and with that another episode of BadFlix! This week we, once again, have Josh from ComixBrew joining us. The guys had to watch The Room for their homework and also have a nice discussion about Logan! A Lazy Knights production.

BadFlix Ep #147: Why You Do This To Me?!?

BadFlix Episode #146: Two Guys, a Couch, and a Producer. Recorded on 3-1-2016. There is only 2 hosts this week, but there’s plenty of news to go around. First and foremost though, the guys review Baseketball. Then we get into some Oscar news, we cover winners and the huge flub […]

BadFlix Episode #146: Two Guys, a Couch, and a Producer

BadFlix Episode #145: Hardcast. Recorded on 2-23-2016 Welcome back to another episode of BadFlix! This week we have Jon, Garrett, Josh, and Adam in the studio. There’s a lot of news to cover this week, but first things first. The guys give their collective review of  “Hard Target”. A horribly […]

BadFlix Episode #145: Hardcast

BadFlix Episode #144: Electrolytes. Recorded on 2-16-2017. This week the guys review Idiocracy for their homework. Which was a little too close to home in our current political state. They talk about the new R2-D2, the new director for The Batman, and a blocked Uzbek film. They also get hyped […]

BadFlix Ep. #144: Electrolytes