BadFlix Episode #69: Live on 69! Recorded on 9-3-2015 Well it’s a big day in the studio folks. This week is our first live stream. That’s right everybody. You can now listen in live every Thursday night to get your weekly dose of BadFlix. Other than that it is business […]

BadFlix Episode #69: Live on 69!

BadFlix Episode #68: The Art of Podcasting. Recorded on 8-27-2015 It’s a litte weird in the studio this week. As many of you may know they guys are planning on going live with the show next week. Well this week we do a live test show with just a few […]

BadFlix Episode #68: The Act of Podcasting

Draw me like one of your French Girls
BadFlix Episode #67: POD-TANIC. Recorded on 8-20-2015 A-hoy there mateys! We be barin’ down on a new episode. The guys are ready to cast off armed with their wit and their mics. They set voyage across the Atlantic with the “Titanic”. They accept that it’s a favorite for a ton […]

BadFlix Episode #67: POD-TANIC

Yum Yum.
BadFlix Episode #66: Our Numbers Grow. Recorded on 8-13-2015 Well, with every new week comes a new BadFlix. This week is no different, nor should it be. Adam returns this week and you can just tel he is excited to be back to work. He really missed every body. Especially […]

BadFlix Episode #66: Our Numbers Grow

Worste movie ever.
BadFlix Episode #65: Dumber-Cast. Recorded on 8-6-2015 So It’ time for another episode of BadFlix. This week there’s a rare occurrence in the studio this week. Sexy Adam was unable to make it in due to some fun summer festivities. Shocking, we know.  But he didnt want to leave you […]

BadFlix Episode #65: Dumber-Cast

The Crow Badflix
BadFlix Episode #64 Crow-Cast. Recorded on 7-30-2015 Well it’s Tuesday and you lovely people know what that means. Monday is finally over! oh, and it’s time for another episode of BadFlix. Although there’s a certain excitement in the air this week. One of the movies for this weeks homework was The […]

BadFlix Episode #64 Crow-Cast

BadFlix Episode #63: Raw Ninja. Recorded on 7-23-2015 So another week is upon us. With that the guys find them selves back in the studio to bring you another episode of BadFlix. Adam and John’s roommate hangs out this week and tosses in his two cents. The guys very quickly […]

BadFlix Episode #63: Raw Ninja

BadFlix episode #62: Pod-Balls. Recorded on 7-16-2015 Hey there all you guys and gals in internet land. Are you ready for another episode of the greatest show on earth? Well too bad because this aint no circus. It’s BadFlix! This week the guys actually had extra homework to do. They […]

BadFlix Episode #62: Pod-Balls

BadFlix Episode #61: The Dark Pod Returns. Recorded 7-9-2013 This Week in the Bad-Cave our caped crusaders review The Dark Knight Returns. Chad and Jon are in agreement that part 2 is far better than part one. Adam however doesnt see it that way. He sees it as more of […]

BadFlix Episode #61: The Dark Pod Returns

BadFlix Episode #60: It Podcasts. Recorded on 7-2-2015 Every one is here for the second week in a row1 That just may be a new record for the past month or so. The guys were tasked with watching It Follows. A rather recent horror movie. It’s a movie about a sexually […]

BadFlix Episode #60: It Podcasts

BadFlix Episode #59: The Purge-sher? Recorded on 6-25-2015 Jonboy makes a triumph return this week! Hopefully it stays that way. After weeks of Chad talking about The purge, and how much like The Punisher it is, the guys finally watch it. It’s this weeks homework and to be honest. After […]

BadFlix Episode #59: The Purge-isher?

BadFlix Episode #58: Slow Night in the Studio. Recorded on 6-18-2015 Well surprise surprise, Jonyboy is missing from the studio again! Man its like he has something more important to be doing. Well thats ok, because this week its rather slow in the news department. Chad, and Adam do have […]

BadFlix Episode #58: Slow Night in the Studio

BadFlix Episode #57: It’s a Sith Thing. Recorded on 6-11-2015 It’s that time again folks. The guys are back in the studio to deliver another fantastic episode to you lovely people. Well almost every one is here. Jonboy couldn’t make it this week due to work. Chad and Adam carry on though. […]

BadFlix Episode #57: It’s a Sith Thing

BadFlix Episode #56: Come out to Play. Recorded on 6-4-2015 Hey, all you Boppers out there! Another Tuesday roles around and the word on the street is that can only mean one thing. A new episode of BadFlix for your listening pleasure. Chad can’t make it into the studio this […]

BadFlix Episode #56: Come out to Play

BadFlix Episode #55: Yo Ho, Yo Ho. Recorded on 5-28-2015 Yarr maties! It be time for another episode of BadFlix! This week the guys review “Treasure Planet”. An animated retelling of the classic “Treasure Island”. Which, to Adam’s surprise, is actually a really good pirate story. The guys have to […]

BadFlix Episode #55: Yo Ho, Yo Ho