American Gods
BadFlix Episode #114: Deceiver of Gods. Recorded on 7-21-2016 Come join Chad, Garrett, and JonBoy for this weeks episode. There’s a lot of rad stuff that is discussed on this weeks episode. Which should help distract you from the rather grim couple of weeks we have all been going through. […]

BadFlix Episode #114: Deceiver of Gods

Read this upside down. DO IT!
BadFlix Episode #113: Bad Company. Recorded on 7-14-2016     There is a random Josh on the show this week. Which is good, because he loves bringing ALL the content. So it should be a good show this week. As always, Jon, Chad, and Garrett bring you the normal shit […]

BadFlix Episode #113: Bad Company

BadFlix Episode #112: Winter is Cumming. Recorded on 7-7-2016   Another episode of BadFlix is here. Jon, Chad, and Garrett are ready to bring you this weeks world of entertainment news. They cover everything from GoT being postponed, to season 2 of Ash vs The Evil Dead. Chad also updates us […]

BadFlix Episode #112: Winter is Cumming

BadFlix Episode #111: Hello, Goodbye. Recorded on 6-30-2016 Another Thursday has arrived, and with it, another episode of BadFlix. This week Sexy Adam has an announcement about things coming in the near future. Other than that though, it’s business as usual. JonBoy brings the tv news we all want. Even […]

BadFlix Episode #111: Hello, Goodbye

No one makes it out alive
BadFlix Episode# 110: Symphony of Destruction. Recorded on 6/23/2016   Another week has passed, so we gather again to mock and discuss the world of tinsel town. We finally have a full crew in the studio for the first time in a month. Adam hasn’t talked about death in a […]

BadFlix Episode #110: Symphony of Destruction

3 toed demon
BadFlix Episode #109: Let’s Ride   Well it’s that time again. No, not that time of the month, but that time of the week for another episode! This week there is no Chad in the studio, which makes a month of missing one person or another each episode. So Adam […]

BadFlix Episode #109: Let’s Ride

BadFlix Episode #108: Red Right Hand. Recorded on 6-9-2016   Well it’s time for another episode of BadFlix. It’s a short one this week though. Not only is there not much in the world of television, but JonBoy is off seeing WarCraft. So he isn’t in the studio tonight. Honestly, […]

BadFlix Episode #108: Red Right Hand

BadFlix Episode # 107: Pretty Fly For A White Guy. Recorded on 6-2-2016   Well hello there you sexy folks. This week there is no Garrett. He is at home with the sniffles. So the other 3 fill in the gap he leaves behind. This week we discuss some hollywood brithdays. We […]

BadFlix Episode #107: Pretty Fly A White Guy

BadFlix Episode #106: I Need A Hero. Recorded on 5/26/2016   Adam isn’t with us this week. He is at home nursing an ear ache. Yea, we thought it was a weak excuse too. No worries though. Chad, Jon, and Garrett can easily handle the show on their own. So […]

BadFlix Episode 106: I Need A Hero

BadFlix Episode #105: Get Schwifty. Recorded on 5-19-2016 Ah Yea, it’s time to podcast in here. This week the whole crew is back to work, and things seem to be moving along as normal. The guys talk about everything they watched this week. We discuss the CW adding even more […]

BadFlix Episode #105: Get Schwifty

BadFlix Episode #104: Three’s Company Two. Well it’s been 2 long years since we started BadFlix. So this week we are celebrating by kicking Jon and Garrett out of the studio and bringing Josh back for an original host lineup. On top of that we decided to give a gift […]

BadFlix Episode #104: Three’s Company Two

With Adam off watching Captain America: Civil War, the rest of the BadFlix crew must carry on. So listen in while we bring you some of the most interesting news in the movie and tv industries, in between the usual tangents of course. A Lazy Knights production.

BadFlix Episode #103: Coming to America

Team Cap
BadFlix Episode #102: I Am Iron Man. Recorded on 4-28-2016   Another week means another episode of BadFlix. Jonboy does bring us some interesting news about the small screen, including Stalone’s return to it. As well as some news about NatGeo. Chad brings us some Star Wars rumors, and the fact that […]

BadFlix Episode #102: I am Iron Man

BadFlix Episode #101: Don’t Fear the Reaper. Recorded on 4-21-2016 Well it’s a sad day folks. We lost an amazing musician and tender lover. We have some news and stuff for you all, but for some reason it just doesn’t feel as important as normal. Chad has our picks for […]

BadFlix, Episode #101: Don’t Fear the Reaper

One Hunnit
BadFlix Episode #100: Keep It One Hunnit. Recorded on 4-15-2016   Oh wow every one. We made it to the 100th episode. We are just as surprised as you are that we made it. So in celebration we brought back an old school BadFlix cast member. Josh, one of the creators […]

BadFlix Episode #100: Keep It One Hunnit