BadFlix Episode #21: New Beginnings.

Well it’s Tuesday again, but this Tuesday brings something a little different. The crew decided to make a few drastic changes to the shower that they know will be for the better. So instead of watching crappy movies and making jokes at it’s expense, the show will take a broader look at the entertainment industry. We will be discussing big news, and other awesome shit that interests the guys. So, with out further adieu, we present the new face of BadFlix.


A Lazy Knight Production.


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BadFlix Episode #20: Doom (2005)

BadFlix Episode #20: Doom (2005) Recorded on 9-21-2014

It’s time for another episode of BadFlix. This week the group continues the video game theme from the previous episode and watches Doom. The 2005 Live action adaptation of one of the classic FPS’s. Where, some how, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson helps screw up a plot as simple as space marines fighting monsters. Enjoy. A Lazy Knights Production.

Oh, one more thing. Theres some exciting, new, totally awesome, super secret stuff in the works at the BadFlix offices. Check back later this week for more info :)


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BadFlix Episode #19: Super Mario Bros. (1993)

BadFlix Episode #19: Super Mario Bros (1993) Recorded on 9-14-2014.


Tuesday has come again. With it another episode of BadFlix. This week Chad, and both Adams sit down and watch Super Mario Bros. Unfortunately this movie does not do justice to one of every ones favorite game franchises. However the guys do have a great time ripping this movie apart. Enjoy! A Lazy Knights Production.


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BadFlix #18: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1995)

Episode #18: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Recorded on 9-7-2014


Do you remember when Power Rangers were cool? Well this week the guys try to ruin that awesome memory by watching the first Power Rangers movie.  Who knew a children’s movie could have so many sexual euphemisms, but don’t worry Chad, Adam, and returning guest Jon make sure to point them all out. So get ready to be “oozed” in this weeks episode of BadFlix.


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BadFlix #17: Brink

Episode #17: Brink. Recorded on 8-31-204


Another Tuesday has come, and with it, another episode of BadFlix. This week we have a second fan choice and the fan that chose the movie joined us in studio. The movie he chose was Brink. Which, to be honest, belonged back in our childhoods. But we sucked it up and did our thing. Also, in continuing with last weeks episode, get a new dildo story from our guest. So enoy as the guys suffer through a summer vacation classic and how someone got booped in the nose with a fake wiener.


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BadFlix #16: Fred 3: Camp Fred

Episode #16: Fred 3: Camp Fred. Recorded on 8-24-2014.

So the guys are back from their short lived summer vacation and boy were they ready to get back to work. This Tuesday however is a special Tuesday (GASP). This week BadFlix is brought to you by our new friends over at Broken Filter. They were the winners of a small contest we held a short time ago, and they got to choose our movie. They decided this weeks movie should be the childhood classic Fred 3. So come listen as the BadFlix crew tries to drown out this terrible movie with stories about dildos and other fun topics.

And if you run out of BadFlix episodes to listen to just listen to them again! or go check out Broken Filters live show every Tuesday at 8pm at

A Lazy Knights production.


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BadFlix #15: Conquest

Episode #15: Conquest. Recorded on some day long ago.

It seems another Tuesday has arrived. And what would Tuesday be without an episode of BadFlix? Terrible, that’s what. The guys needed a week off so it was decided that this weeks episode will be the mysterious “lost episode”. So on behalf of Chad, Josh, and the Adams please enjoy this weeks special episode as the guys take a much deserved (albeit short) summer vacation :)



BadFlix #14: Batman & Robin

Episode #14: Batman & Robin. Recorder on 8-10-2014. Dana nana na na BadFlix! That’s right everybody its Tuesday once again, and that can mean only one thing. Its time for another episode of BadFlix. This week we find our heroes in the clutches of arguably the worst Batman movie ever made. Can our heroes survive through the entire movie? Will they escape unscathed, or will there lives be forever changed? Find out on this weeks episode of BadFlix.