BadFlix #16: Fred 3: Camp Fred

Episode #16: Fred 3: Camp Fred. Recorded on 8-24-2014.

So the guys are back from their short lived summer vacation and boy were they ready to get back to work. This Tuesday however is a special Tuesday (GASP). This week BadFlix is brought to you by our new friends over at Broken Filter. They were the winners of a small contest we held a short time ago, and they got to choose our movie. They decided this weeks movie should be the childhood classic Fred 3. So come listen as the BadFlix crew tries to drown out this terrible movie with stories about dildos and other fun topics.

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A Lazy Knights production.


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BadFlix #15: Conquest

Episode #15: Conquest. Recorded on some day long ago.

It seems another Tuesday has arrived. And what would Tuesday be without an episode of BadFlix? Terrible, that’s what. The guys needed a week off so it was decided that this weeks episode will be the mysterious “lost episode”. So on behalf of Chad, Josh, and the Adams please enjoy this weeks special episode as the guys take a much deserved (albeit short) summer vacation :)



BadFlix #14: Batman & Robin

Episode #14: Batman & Robin. Recorder on 8-10-2014. Dana nana na na BadFlix! That’s right everybody its Tuesday once again, and that can mean only one thing. Its time for another episode of BadFlix. This week we find our heroes in the clutches of arguably the worst Batman movie ever made. Can our heroes survive through the entire movie? Will they escape unscathed, or will there lives be forever changed? Find out on this weeks episode of BadFlix.



BadFlix #13: G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra

Episode #13: G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra. Recorded on 8-3-2014. Another Tuesday rolls around, and you know what that means. It means there’s a new BadFlix episode. That’s right loyal listeners, the guys are back yet again. This week The Adams, Josh, and Chad have the great honor of viewing G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra. Starring an ex-stripper (Channing Tatum) and loaded with merchandizing possibilities.


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BadFlix Episode #12: Green Lantern

Episode #12: Green Lantern. Recorded on 7-27-2014. It’s Tuesday again folks, and you know what that means. It’s time for another episode of BadFlix. This week Josh, Chad, and both Adams sit down and watch one of Hollywood’s biggest letdowns, Green Lantern. So come join us as the guys force themselves through a horrendous film adaptation of of one of DC’s biggest heroes. A Lazy Knights production.

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BadFlix Episode #11: The Punisher (1989)

Episode #11: The Punisher (1989). Recorded on 7-20-2014. BadFlix is back! Listen as Josh, Adam, Chad, And Original Adam suffer through The Punisher (1989) starring Dolph Lundgren and Lou Gossett Jr., the actor not the singer. Count along with them as Frank Castle marches through waves of gangsters, ninjas, and one very flexible white lady. A Lazy Knights Production.



BadFlix Episode #10: Deadfall

BadFlix Episode #10: Deadfall. Recorded on 7/10/2014. Some ANNOUNCEMENTS HAPPEN. Nick and Greg are gone, Chad and “Other” Adam are here to stay! Today? Josh, Adam, Chad, and “Other” Adam watch the piece of cinema history called Deadfall. Starring Michael Biehn, James Coburn, and the one and only Nicolas Cage! This gets ridiculous….A Lazy Knights Production.

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