BadFlix Episode #149: All Saints Cast. recorded on 3-23-2017. Hey there loyal listeners! Are you ready for another episode of BadFlix? Hell yes you are! This week there is a TON of stuff to talk about. Everything from Netflix, on multiple points, too Space Jam. Of course the episode starts […]

BadFlix Episode #149: All Saints Cast

This week the gang went to watch Kong: Skull Island, and we give our review of it. Then we hop into movie and tv news with Batman being rewritten again, Guardians of the Galaxy 3 confirmed, Disney refuses to cut gay scene from Beauty and the Beast, a Spider-Man Venom […]

BadFlix Ep #148: Kong: Skull Podcast

Here comes another Thursday and with that another episode of BadFlix! This week we, once again, have Josh from ComixBrew joining us. The guys had to watch The Room for their homework and also have a nice discussion about Logan! A Lazy Knights production.

BadFlix Ep #147: Why You Do This To Me?!?

BadFlix Episode #146: Two Guys, a Couch, and a Producer. Recorded on 3-1-2016. There is only 2 hosts this week, but there’s plenty of news to go around. First and foremost though, the guys review Baseketball. Then we get into some Oscar news, we cover winners and the huge flub […]

BadFlix Episode #146: Two Guys, a Couch, and a Producer

BadFlix Episode #145: Hardcast. Recorded on 2-23-2016 Welcome back to another episode of BadFlix! This week we have Jon, Garrett, Josh, and Adam in the studio. There’s a lot of news to cover this week, but first things first. The guys give their collective review of  “Hard Target”. A horribly […]

BadFlix Episode #145: Hardcast

BadFlix Episode #144: Electrolytes. Recorded on 2-16-2017. This week the guys review Idiocracy for their homework. Which was a little too close to home in our current political state. They talk about the new R2-D2, the new director for The Batman, and a blocked Uzbek film. They also get hyped […]

BadFlix Ep. #144: Electrolytes

Badflix Ep. #143: Kung Führer. Recorded on 2-9-2017 It’s just Jon and Adam in the studio this week, but that’s okay, because they are really the only 2 you want. They discuss the awesome movie “Kung Fury” for their homework. They also discuss a few things from the land of […]

Badflix Ep. #143: Kung Führer

BadFlix Ep. #142: Littering And…. Recorded on 2-2-2017   Another episode of BadFlix is here for your listening pleasure. The guys review “SuperTroopers” for this weeks homework. Then we dive into all the news. There is only a bit of TV news, but boy howdy, there’s a ton of things […]

BadFlix Ep. #142: Littering And….

Tonight’s episode is a little different folks. This week the guys from ComixBrew take over BadFlix. So there is no Jon, Chad, or Garrett. Instead, enjoy the smooth voices of Tyler, Josh, and Adam as they bring you the best in tv and movie news. A Lazy Knights production.

BadFlix Ep# 141: ComixBrew invades again

BadFlix Ep #140: JON IS DEAD!!!! Recorded on 1-19-2017   Another Thursday is here, so another Badflix is as well. This week the guys review Ouija: Origin of Evil. A movie that shows board games can kill. *Gasp* The guys also continue to praise Netflix. There’s a few new trailers […]

BadFlix Ep #140: JON IS DEAD!!!!

It’s a very geeky show this week. The guys give there thoughts on Sausage Party. Then it’s off to a galaxy far away to discuss some casting news. Our favorite web head joins infinity war. There’s also all kinds of Batman influence through our the news. As well as the […]

BadFlix Ep #139: Sausage Fest

BadFlix Ep. #138: Recorded on 1-5-2016   Another week has rolled by. Which means there’s another episode of Badflix this week. As always the boys turn in their homework and review this weeks movie. Then they get into what is a rather hefty news week. They discuss a free place […]

BadFlix Ep #138: Rerun Machine

BadFlix Ep# 137: One with the Force. Recorded on 12-29-2016 It’s a somber week in the studio. There has been a lot of death over the last few days, and the guys pay tribute the only way they know how. They also turn in their #homework by reviewing London, which […]

Badflix Ep# 137: One with the Force

BadFlix Ep. #136: The Price is Wrong. Recorded on 12-22-2016   It’s another busy week for BadFlix. No surprise there though, this time of year is always busy for the guys. There’s just SO much going on, and it’s amazing! This week the guys discuss the #BladeRunner trailer, along with […]

BadFlix Ep. #136: The Price is Wrong

BadFlix Episode #135: Get the Podcast. Recorded on 12-15-2016   The guys have a busy show this week. First and foremost they turn in their homework by reviewing “Get the Gringo”. When it comes to news this week, there is just too much to cover it all. So we cherry […]

BadFlix Ep #135: Get the Podcast