Best Ship
BadFlix Episode #89: The Ballad of Serenity.  Recorded on 1-28-2016   Welcome, Welcome to this weeks episode! For starters we review Serenity, which is, of course, the wrap up film to one of the best T.V. shows ever produced. If you don’t know what I am talking about then you need to […]

BadFlix Episode #89: The Ballad of Serenity

Save Me Baby Jesus
BadFlix Episode #88: Jesus Loves the Little Children. Recorded on 1-21-2016 Hey there Little ones! Come gather round the noise maker and listen to four dudes make wiener jokes, AND talk about Jesus. This week the guys review “Jesus Camp” which is a documentary about a christian summer camp down in the […]

BadFlix Episode #88: Jesus Loves the Little Children

Two legends
BadFlix Episode #87: Dust in the Wind. Recorded on 1-14-2016. Welcome back every one. It’s a sad day here in the studio. Jon is missing again this week, but now, he is actually missing. No one knows where he is, although we haven’t really looked for him. Like at all. Although there […]

BadFlix Episode #87: Dust in the Wind.

BadFlix Episode #86: Back To Work. Recorded on 1-7-2016.   Hey there Kiddos! Welcome to the first live show of the year! No more fun and games, it’s back to work. So get comfy and get ready for the sweet oral sounds of BadFlix. Get ready for Chad to lay […]

BadFlix Episode #86: Back To Work

Here's looking at you 2015
BadFlix Episode #85: The 2015 Super Awesome Mega Blowout Extravaganza. Recorded on 12-30-2015 Well with New Years Eve being on a Thursday, the guys decided to do a New Years Eve show on Wednesday. It’s another casual episode to help say goodbye to 2015. No homework this week, no news this […]

BadFlix Episode #85: The 2015 Super Awesome Mega Blowout Extravaganza

With most the crew off watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Chad invites a few friends to fill in for the regular cast. So sit back and enjoy this laid back episode of BadFlix. A Lazy Knights production.   Friday Night Flights:  

BadFlix Episode #84: Star Wars Remix

planes and trains and cars
BadFlix Episode #83: Planes, Trains, and Podcasts. Recorded on 12-10-2015 It’s another Tuesday night, glad you could join 8us. This week the guys review Planes, Trains, and Automobiles and Harmontown. Other than that, well there isn’t much news this week. So the guys decided, with Xmas right around the corner, […]

BadFlix Episode #83: Planes, Trains, and Podcasts

American Gangster
BadFlix Episode # 82: American Podcast. Recorded on 12-3-2015 Well it’s a small crew this week. Due to a few hosts having to work it’s just the 2 Adams and Chad. No worries though, the guys still manage to have a lot of fun. First things first though. The guys […]

BadFlix Episode #82: American Podcast

BadFlix Episode #81: Gobbles. Recorded on 11-25-2015. Gobbles! Gobbles, Gobbles gobbles gobbles. GOBBLES GOBBLES. Enoy the holiday show. A Lazy Knights Production.

BadFlix Episode #81: Gobbles, Gobbles

Kung Fury
BadFlix Episode #80: Kung-Fu-Cast. Recorded on 11-19-2015 Im going to be frank with you folks. There’s a lot of death in this weeks episode. So be prepared. However, as always, the guys turn in their homework. Well some of them do at least. There is a lengthy conversation about the […]

BadFlix Episode #80: Kung-Fu-Cast

Master of Lightning
BadFlix Episode #79: The Electrifying Podcast. Recorded on 11-12-2015   Another Thursday night rolls around, and with it another episode of your favorite podcast. This week the guys review a couple of documentaries. The guys thought one was super boring and the other just a tad too long. Sadly it’s a […]

BadFlix Episode #79: The Electrifying Podcast

Spooky Rings
BadFlix Episode #78: The Ring-cast. Recorded on 11-5-2015 Hey their little kiddies. Welcome back to a spooky episode of BadFlix. Well only spooky in our reviews. This week the guys review The Ring and Jason Goes to Hell. Adam realizes The Ring is a damn good movie, but only scary […]

BadFlix Episode #78: The Ring-cast

Badlix Episode #77: Skeletor up in this Mother F****r! Recorded on 10-29-2015.   This week the guys go back to the 80’s and review The Empire Strikes Back and Masters of the Universe. Both movies are surprisingly well received. But it’s clear that there is a clear winner. Garrett highly […]

BadFlix Episode #77: Skeletor up in this Mother F****r!

BadFlix Episode #76: Help me BadFlix, you’re my only Hope. Recorded on 10-22-2015   In a studio far far away, the guys sit down for this weeks BadFlix. There’s a lot of industry news this week, but lets be honest, it’s all about StarWars. With the new trailer dropping this […]

BadFlix Episode #76: Help me BadFlix, You’re my only Hope

BadFlix Episode #75: GrindCast. Recorded on 10-15-2015 Rejoice! Jon and Adam are back from being sick, so there’s a full house tonight. The guys go over their homework. Or at least the ones who did it. Then we get into what the future could hold for the Fantastic 4. And […]

BadFlix Episode #75: GrindCast