What is BadFlix? | About Us

What is BadFlix?

BadFlix started as a podcast where a group of friends would get together once a week to get drunk and make fun of bad movies, hence the name. Since then we have lost a few hosts and gained a few, and through that evolved and matured into a news and hype show, with the occasional tangent, usually geek related. We try to bring you the latest in movie and TV news, and hopefully make you laugh a long the way. In addition to that we also watch a couple of movies as homework, that you listener helps choose for us, and review them on the following weeks show. We also have a lot of exciting things planned for the future, so stay tuned for that. We are LIVE every Thursday @ 8PM Pacific time, and would love to see you in our live chatroom.


Meet the BadFlix Crew:


“Sexy” Adam:

For lack of a title, this facsimile of the Original Adam is the bearded enthusiasm behind the scenes. “Wanna watch this movie?” someone may ask. Adam is right there with a “Fuck yes, why not?” A major fan of time travel, “Sexy” Adam bounces along the timeline more frequently than Doc Brown and Booster Gold rolled into one. It goes without saying that any input the man has to each episode is not only profound but sets him apart from any other “Adams” in the vicinity.

“Info” Jon:

Jon does our fact checking during the show, and is right most of the time. He we also make you laugh quite a bit.




Garrett is our newest member to the BadFlix crew. A great addition to our show!




Producer Adam:

Adam is The man. He’s the brains behind the tech, he is a producer extraordinaire, and will most likely be the least visible member of BadFlix. He also edits the show, so any complaints about that can go directly to Josh, because Adam won’t even bother talking to you about it. But he’s not all gruff and bluster. Along with being the most savvy of the BadFlix Cast, he’s probably got the best laugh – and the other members of the Cast will make sure you hear it often.

Talk to us!

We would love to hear from you. Good feedback, bad feedback, and criticism are all welcome. You can get in touch with us here on our site, our Facebook and Twitter, or join us in our chat room on Thursday night. You are also more than welcome to Skype into our show LIVE and talk to us on air.