BadFlix Episode #145: Hardcast

BadFlix Episode #145: Hardcast. Recorded on 2-23-2016

Welcome back to another episode of BadFlix! This week we have Jon, Garrett, Josh, and Adam in the studio. There’s a lot of news to cover this week, but first things first. The guys give their collective review of  “Hard Target”. A horribly good action movie from the 90’s. Then the guys get into the meat of the episode, and there’s a lot of meat this week! There’s even more news from the team behind The Batman. When will it stop, who the hell knows? IMAX and Disney have signed a deal that should net both of them all the moneys. A couple of popular Game of Thrones actors are taking on some other exciting roles. The guys also discuss the next thing from BBC in the way of documentaries. They even get a little excited for the release date of the new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000!!!!

A Lazy Knights Production.