BadFlix Episode #149: All Saints Cast

BadFlix Episode #149: All Saints Cast. recorded on 3-23-2017.

Hey there loyal listeners! Are you ready for another episode of BadFlix? Hell yes you are! This week there is a TON of stuff to talk about. Everything from Netflix, on multiple points, too Space Jam. Of course the episode starts out with every ones review of “Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day”. Which we can all agree is not a good movie. Next the guys get into the movie world and bounce all over the place. We stop by the rich world of Disney, twice. We discuss visiting the world of Power Rangers 6 times. Yes, 6 separate times. The Matrix is coming back, but it’s not reloaded, it’s revisited. We also have some wonderful news coming from the set of “Kingsman 2”. Before the end of the show, we even visit the wide world of sports, but the American world of the NFL.

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